Wisconsin Lawn Care Dethatching & Aeration Services

Turf Tenders Inc. takes pride in providing the highest quality of dethatching and aeration lawn services at an affordable price. Dethatching consists of removing excess dead plant material from between the soil and the live plant material. Dethatching plays an important part in maintaining a healthy lawn. Aeration is necessary to reduce compaction and allow air, nutrients, and moisture into the root zone easier. Turf Tenders lawn care services will maintain your lawn healthy throughout the year.

In addition to Thatching & Aeration, Turf Tenders offers several other services, such as:


  • Alternate TextPromotes root growth
  • Alternate TextReduces soil compaction
  • Alternate TextImproves airflow through the lawn reducing chances of disease
  • Alternate TextAllows water, air & nutrients into the root zone easier
Wisconsin Lawn Care Dethatching and Aeration Services

Dethatching and Aeration Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Turf Tenders proudly administers dethatching and aeration services in the cities of Hubertus, Ackerville, Jackson, Menomonee Falls, Lannon, Colgate, Kirchhayn, Germantown, Granville, Mequon, and more!

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