Residential Lawn Care Maintenance in SE Wisconsin

The best way to maintain your lawn green and healthy year-round is by providing regular care to your yard. Contact one of Turf Tenders Inc. specialists for any yard work around your home. We enjoy what we do which is why all of our lawn care services are accomplished with extreme attention to detail.

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Our residential services include:

Affordable residential lawn care maintenance in Wisconsin

Fertilization Service

Create a customized fertilization program with Turf Tenders that will best suit your lawn needs. Most lawns require many applications and extreme care to thrive. 

Thatching & Aeration

Thatch problems arise from frequently overwatering your lawn causing poor soil aeration and drainage. Improper lawn watering, cold soil temperatures and the use of chemical pesticides increase thatch accumulation in lawns. 

Signs your lawn needs dethatching:

  • Green Check MarkGlass blades are weak
  • Green Check MarkToo many invading weeds
  • Green Check MarkGrass does not have its healthy, green color
  • Green Check MarkGrass is thinning
  • Green Check MarkDead, dry spots
  • Green Check MarkLawn is developing an insect problem


Signs your lawn may need Aeration:

  • Green Check MarkSoil is hard
  • Green Check MarkGrass is turning yellow
  • Green Check MarkGrass is growing slowly
  • Green Check MarkInvading weeds are growing
  • Green Check MarkLarge puddles are forming during rainstorms


Affordable Residential Home Lawn Care Services

Turf Tender's offers Lawn Mowing services starting at $55, and Lawn Applications starting at $45 per application for residential homes. Keep your property pristine and your pocketbook full, call Turf Tenders for the best service in town!


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