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Looking for professional yard grading services in Eastern Wisconsin? Turf Tenders has you covered. Our experienced team specializes in grading properties to achieve proper drainage and contouring. We bring in the right equipment to efficiently move and shape soil, eliminate uneven spots and create the ideal yard profile you desire. Whether installing a new lawn, creating a patio area or fixing drainage issues, our landscaping services for residential homes will transform your outdoor space. We offer free quotes on lawn leveling so you know exactly what to expect!

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Eastern Wisconsin yard grading services from Turf Tenders

Lawn Leveling Services from Turf Tenders

Turf Tenders is your trusted partner for comprehensive lawn leveling services. With a dedicated team of professionals and a meticulous approach, we transform uneven and bumpy lawns into smooth, vibrant landscapes, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Depending on the condition of your yard, our lawn leveling services may include:

  1. Assessment and Inspection: The first step is to assess the current condition of the lawn. We’ll identify areas that need leveling, high spots, low spots and any drainage issues.
  2. Soil Analysis: In some cases, soil testing is performed to determine the composition and pH level of the soil. This analysis helps determine if any soil amendments are needed to improve the soil quality.
  3. Lawn Aeration: Lawn aeration may be required before leveling to improve soil aeration and reduce compaction. Aeration involves creating small holes in the soil to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the root zone.
  4. Topdressing: Topdressing is the process of spreading a layer of soil or a specialized leveling mix over the existing lawn surface. This layer is typically applied evenly to fill low spots and create a smoother surface.
  5. Dragging or Rolling: After topdressing, heavy equipment like lawn rollers or drags are used to distribute the added soil or leveling mix and compact it lightly. This helps level the surface further.
  6. Grading and Leveling: Our skilled technicians use leveling tools and equipment to ensure that the soil is evenly distributed and graded to create a smooth and level surface.
  7. Final Compaction: Another round of compaction is performed to ensure that the soil settles evenly and there are no low or high spots left.
  8. Seeding or Sodding: Depending on the condition of the existing grass, new grass seed or sod may be applied to fill in any bare areas or to establish new grass growth. This is often done after leveling to encourage uniform growth.
  9. Irrigation Adjustments: If necessary, adjustments are made to the irrigation system so water is distributed evenly across the newly leveled lawn.
  10. Post-Leveling Care: Proper care and maintenance instructions are provided to the homeowner, including watering, mowing and fertilization guidelines to promote the health and growth of the newly leveled lawn.


Does Your Lawn Need Leveling?

Is your Eastern Wisconsin lawn full of bumps, uneven spots and poor drainage? Does walking across it feel like you're on a rollercoaster ride? Do you have patches where grass won't grow well? If so, your lawn likely needs professional leveling services. Proper grading and leveling allows for better drainage, avoids tripping hazards, improves mowing, enhances irrigation coverage and gives the grass a smooth, even surface to thrive on.


Signs Your Wisconsin Lawn Needs Grading

- Uneven or bumpy terrain

- Standing water or poor drainage

- Erosion and soil loss

- Difficulty mowing or walking on the lawn

- Planning for landscaping features

- Safety concerns due to uneven ground

Lawn Grading: Cutting and Filling

The dynamic duo of cutting and filling plays a pivotal role in transforming your outdoor space. Cutting involves the removal of excess soil or high spots within your lawn. By leveling out uneven terrain and addressing troublesome bumps and humps, cutting bestows a sense of uniformity and visual appeal to your landscape. Moreover, it can serve the practical purpose of improving drainage by crafting slopes that divert water away from your property, thereby safeguarding your lawn from standing water and potential flooding.

On the flip side, filling steps in to rescue those sunken areas of your yard. By adding soil or a leveling mix to these low spots, filling raises the ground to prevent water accumulation and establish a more seamless, even surface. This technique not only remedies drainage issues but also creates a sturdy foundation for your landscaping projects. Patios, decks, gardens and other outdoor features benefit from these graded surfaces, ensuring their durability and functionality.

Yard Grading Costs in Eastern WI

Curious about yard grading costs in Eastern Wisconsin? Your landscaping needs and the scope of your project will influence the expenses involved. Factors such as the size of your yard, the extent of leveling required, soil conditions and any additional services like soil amendment or seeding all impact the overall cost. To get an accurate estimate for your specific yard grading service in Eastern Wisconsin, contact us for a custom quote!

Free Quotes for Lawn Grading in Wisconsin

Schedule a free quote for yard grading services! We proudly service residential and commercial properties across Eastern WI. Our expertise allows us to adeptly grade for proper water runoff, erosion control and aesthetically pleasing results. Let us turn your uneven yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

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